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Why Leadership?

Many people ask me why I got into developing leaders and their teams.  I answer this question here. 

Master's Degree in Executive Leadership

Leader of Teams and Individuals since 2005

Birkman Certified Professional Consultant

Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker 2005

How I began to Love Leadership

How I began to love Leadership

As a young boy growing up I was amazed by how my father could coach a team in any sport and not only compete against the best in the league, but win. He would take average players and beat any team that we challenged.  How did he do this? How did he unite everyone around a common cause and goal? How could he see people's strengths and weaknesses and put them in a team dynamic to leverage their potential while minimizing their weaknesses? How did he make a bunch of young, immature kids function at extremely high levels while maintaining high levels of morale? How did he instill values in practice that overflowed in life lessons I live out today?


I was privileged to have a front-row seat to this amazing gift. I can remember from a very young age wondering and trying to make sense of this ability he had when on paper we were not the best team. Early on I was drawn to figure out how to get people to interact on teams at such a high level. I studied leadership from many angles; as a player, as a captain, as a young leader, as a director, as a coach, and as a student. My undergraduate work hinged on the focus on people and experiences, not just a bottom dollar. I wanted to further my education around the topic of leadership so I obtained a Master's degree in Executive Leadership.  


My life experiences and formal education have positioned me to be able to lead teams to achieve their goals by doing some of the very things my father taught me from a young age. People matter.


People working together are stronger than any individual.

People have unique giftings and skillsets.

People need to enjoy what they are doing.

People need to have a clear common goal. 

Everybody plays a part. 

Let me help you, your team, or an individual on your team, become all that they can be. 


Because we all need a coach that sees the best in us and walks alongside to help us achieve our goals.   


My Family 

My wife (Leah) and I have been married since 2010. She is such a blessing in many ways.

We have two amazing boys. Landon and Wyatt. 

You will find us doing anything and everything outside. 

My Family
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