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Who is Coaching for?

I coach many types of individuals most of which fall into one of these three categories. 

  • Leaders

    • Are you a leader wanting to grow and develop? Do you have someone in your corner helping you develop and ask the right questions? You are not alone. I have successfully led many leaders to grow their influence, emotional intelligence, and leadership acumen. 

  • Career Help

    • Are you stuck in your job? Do you want to align your passion with your work? I can help you navigate these hard ​times. 

  • In a Rut? 

    • Sometimes life can just be tough and you need a little outside guidance and coaching from someone who can help you recognize where you are, create a gameplan to get out, and walk alongside you while you achieve success and get your life back.  ​If this is you, we need to spend a few hours together to get you back on the right track. nad 

What does Coaching look like? 


A typical Coaching session is between 60-75 minutes. 


Coaching Sessions are one-on-one and can be:

  • In-person

  • Virtual


We would compare calendars and make sure its a fit for us both


What to expect in a coaching session?

In the hour-plus we spend together we will talk about what we are trying to accomplish.

If there is a problem we will address it, discuss multiple courses of action, agree on an action plan, and execute.

If it's guidance and wisdom you are looking for, we will discuss the topic, what you know, what you need to know, and then I will resource you with the skills needed to overcome the barrier. 

Coaching Certificate
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