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Growing leaders and their teams so they can have greater influence in their workplace, home, and community. 


Three main ways to grow your team

Starting a Bonfire

Starting Point

Every leadership journey starts with self-awareness. What are your strengths? What are your areas of opportunity? What do others know about you that you can't see? How do you act when stressed? What are your blindspots? 

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Team Experience

Engaging your team is the best way to develop leadership. Nobody wants boring slideshows or another bowling outing. We customize experiences to make an impact that your team will love and grow from.

Navigating in Woods

Leadership Path 

We have people ask all the time how to develop a leadership culture over a long period of time. Our customized system allows an organization to blend timeless principles with experiences to create a high performing culture.


"Technology, hardware, and capital can be copied easily. What Can't be copied easily is the culture and human capacity that creates those in the first place."

-Matt Perman 

Justin Smith Consulting All Rights Reserved

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