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10 ways to Develop a Culture of Servant Leadership and Personal Growth

Ten ways to Develop a Culture of Servant Leadership and Personal Growth

I spend most of my time reading, thinking, and talking with leaders about this topic. It seems that there isn’t a ton written about this topic so I thought I would summarize a few points that continue to rise to the surface.

Before we get to the list we have to define what the desired outcomes are. What are the outcomes of servant leadership and a personal development Culture?

  1. Everyone is Improving

  2. Everyone is Growing

  3. Everyone is Learning

  4. Morale is High

  5. Employee Engagement is High

10 ways to grow your people and team:

  1. Raise EQ. Emotional Intelligence is vital for all people and a healthy culture.

  2. Develop Better Habits. 40% of what you do daily is from habits. 40%!

  3. Increase in Strategic Thinking Skills. Doing things is great, doing the right things is better.

  4. Improve Communication. We all communicate verbally and non verbally all the time. Communication is a vital role in every employee’s role. When is the last time you increased your ability to listen and communicate?

  5. Connect purpose to the Job. More so than in our history people want to spend their time at work doing something that matters. Connect your team with a greater vision.

  6. Build Empathy, Humility, and Servants’ Heart. People are in all aspects of the business. The more empathetic, humble, and servant-minded your team is the better you take care of your customer and each other.

  7. Empower to Lead. Delegate more! Become less centralized. If you want your bench to be able to execute at high levels they have to get reps making decisions. Think back to when you were up and coming, did you want more or less responsibility?

  8. Allow for Failure. Failure has taught me more than success has. If you want a culture that is innovative then failure has to be a part of your story.

  9. Mindset Matters. All Mindset is a multiplier. We all know people who have the right mindset and it is infectious and make them incredibly talented. We also know people that have a terrible mindset and they continue to drag down the team and themselves. Develop your team’s and their ability to have the right mindset.

  10. Gratitude. This is a dying art today. A thank you card goes a long way. If you want to improve your own gratitude develop a habit of writing thank you cards. Your team will cascade what you do.

What would you add? Add below in the comments so other people can see what might be missing from this list.

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