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4 Actionable Steps to Enhance a Strong Company Culture

Invest in People, Your Greatest Asset

4 Actionable Steps to Enhance a Strong Company Culture

What has been impacted the most by Covid?

Is it business, life, habits, health, families, economics, or your bottom line?

I would say that people have been impacted the most.

Everyone has experienced Covid differently, but everyone has been impacted. If people are the most important part of life, business, and family, then what have you done to lead and grow your team or yourself?

Here are some ways to invest in your greatest asset.

  1. Build Community:

Isolation is real in these times. How can you create opportunities for people to connect? We were made for relationships. Virtual, in person, socially distant it doesn’t matter. People crave connection.

  1. Schedule a team-building exercise

  2. Host a virtual coffee hour

  3. Begin meetings with a mixer

2. Listen:

We all need to be heard. Your team needs to be heard. What do they need? What are their challenges? When is the last time you checked in on a personal level with no agenda other than to listen?

  1. Pick up the phone

  2. Meet for coffee

  3. Invite to lunch

  4. Pop in the office unexpectedly

  5. Set up meetings to listen

  6. Provide new feedback loops

3. Provide Growth Opportunities:

Investment in your greatest asset requires investment. What are you do to assist in the growth of your people? Are you hoping to just coast by? Is this only available to the top tier employees?

  1. Get a coach for your team to help them navigate these times.

  2. Pay for a counselor so your team can work through personal issues.

  3. Provide Tutors for your team’s families learning from home.

  4. Read a book as a team to encourage growth and collaboration.

  5. Hire a consultant to invest in your team.

4. Serve:

The highest form of leadership is serving from a position of influence and power. Your team will cascade what you do. We are all in the customer service. Some of us need to focus on people and serve them in ways that identify their needs and allow creativity to meet those needs.

  1. Find a need and solve it

  2. Do the unexpected. What would shock your team if they saw you doing that enforces your culture and or core values?

  3. Take on a task for someone that needs a break

  4. Switch schedules for a half day.

I would love to know what you would add or take away from this list. If you would like to talk further about this or how to best implement these items feel free to reach out to me @ 770-674-6041.

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