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A lesson I still use from Driver's Ed.

Does anyone remember what they learned in drivers ed? Well, I do. I can still recall the title of a chapter in the driver’s Ed book.

I never knew that this chapter title would stick with me for such a long time and the title wasn’t intended to be a life lesson but it ended up being one and here’s how.

I went to Driver’s Ed along with my brother. He is sixteen months older than me and he was about to turn Sixteen and get his license. My parents decided to send us both because I would have to take it the following summer anyways. Well, like most teens in the class, the last thing we wanted to be doing during the summertime was to be inside in a classroom. I can vividly remember the teacher starting the class with enthusiasm about driving while he repeated himself saying the title of Chapter 1. “Chapter One: You are the Driver” he would say over and over. It got to be overkill. We quickly caught on and knew this could be a magical answer if he ever called on us. We kind of made this the running joke of the class without him knowing. Its kinda like answering “Jesus” if you are at church. Throughout the class, he would call on random students to answer random questions. We figured out if we reframed his questions in light of us “being the driver” it really didn’t matter what we said as long as we stated that we are the driver.

I share this story because I often am reminded of this funny moment from my upbringing. Chapter One: You are the Driver. What I didn’t know about that statement, was how true it continues to be in the world around us. I talk with many people that would rather make excuses as to why they aren’t where they want to be in life rather than take the simple life lesson I learned so long ago. I want to look at them and say, “You are the driver.”

You are the Driver:






I recognize you might have real issues in some of these categories. However, there are things you can do because... You are the Driver.

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