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A Masters Degree In You

About 15 years ago I went to a conference where the breakout was titled "Finding out what everyone already knows about you." It was eye-opening to view a world from the 360 evaluation process. Many of us have heard of a 360 and some have had experience with these. The value in these 360 evaluations is they can shine a light on areas of how others perceive you. The challenge for these is they take a bunch of time and resources.

What if there was an evaluation or assessment that could show you these same results? And no, I'm not talking about answering minimal questions to find out if you are a number or an extrovert. I'm talking about an extensive assessment that factors in many things other evaluations don't consider. Check out the Birkman website here.

The Birkman Assessment is a perfect solution for our social distancing world when we still need to be effective.

1. It measures your everyday behavior. (How people see you)

2. It measures your needs and stress behavior. (What motivates you beneath)

3. It measures your interests. (How you interests merge with your actions)

The good thing about this assessment is its cost-effective and can be done in quarantine. The results can be given via a phone call and or video call.

If you are using this as a corporate team, I can overlay all the team's information and can show where there are areas of opportunity.

If you believe that better employees make better teams, how are you making better employees? Being the best you is the best-case scenario.

Contact me to schedule this for you individually or for your team. Reduced rates because of Covid-19.

Let me help you be a better you and give you a Master's Degree in yourself.

Justin Smith

Birkman Professional Consultant

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