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Am I Extroverted or Introverted?

Am I Introverted or Extroverted?

(I reveal my results below)

Most assessments measure visible behaviors. Are you introverted or extroverted? Are you a processor or a person of action? How do you best get things done? Most Assessments provide data around these primary questions. Assessments give you data points of how you behave in most normal situations. This is where most assessments stop. Not the Birkman Assessment.

The Birkman assessment goes further and measures more than other assessments by measuring the invisible motivators. Invisible motivators are interests and needs. Needs are what you desire out of situations and how you best function within social constructs. Interests are your underlying motivators and passions. These two points of data are paramount in helping you understand how you act in situations because it explains the invisible factors in making decisions, which results in the way you act. Not factoring these into an assessment is only painting half of the picture. The Birkman Assessment showed me a simple difference in the two that made me understand myself deeper than any other assessment I have ever taken.

So am I an introvert or an extrovert? After getting varying results from assessments in my life wavering back and forth, I finally found an assessment that explains it to me the best. Most people see me as very social and very extroverted. I see myself like that to an extent and then I get to a point where people exhaust me and I would rather be alone. An example from my own Birkman Assessment is that I have a low score for the “need” to interact socially. However, my “usual” behavior comes as very social. Many people would see me on the outside as being highly socially motivated and an extreme extravert. However, my underlying need to be alone or in a small group suggests that in order for me to be functioning at my best, I need time to myself to recharge and energize.

Here is a quick way to see how you might score on this part of the assessment. I love to exercise. I don’t have to be motivated by working out with people. In fact, I prefer most of the time to do it alone. I know a friend however that has little to no motivation to exercise alone. However, if there are people involved, he is there. My need score is far less than his need score when it comes to social energy. However, our usual score is very similar. Most people would mistake us because they don't see my invisible need. Do you come across as introverted or extroverted? What is your underlying need? Do you need social interaction all the time? Do you get energized by being around others or is it exhausting?

Knowing yourself at a deeper level and having data points to back it up helps me be a better Husband and Father. It helps me every day in business and I know it could help you.

The Birkman Method measures much more than just this data point. If you are looking to get a true look inside why you behave the way you behave rather than just how you behave, you should consider taking this assessment seriously. For more information about the Birkman Assessment and to book your assessment check out:

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