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Humbled beyond belief

I say all the time that we bring our whole self to work. Therefore, in order to get to achieve all that we can, we need to develop our whole self. Not just become better employees.

I believe this message but sometimes don't know if the people I serve get to grasp the true value of this.

However, this changed today.

I was talking with a friend at an organization that I get to serve and she asked if I had known that one of our friends, her coworker had passed away. I wasn't aware that this happened but know that this lady was on a hard journey battling cancer.

The friend said that the lady passed away last month. At her funeral her son mentioned a card that they had found in her notes. The card said that she wanted to be intentional in spending her remaining time with her grandkids. That would be the one thing for her in which she would measure success in that season.

I was completely humbled when I heard this. One of the things I do for the people I serve is ask them to fill out a "one thing card." There is nothing special about one of these cards other than it allows us to focus on one area of our development over a period of time. This ability to laser focus allows us to keep the important things top of mind. It allows us to know what success looks like in that season. Because I believe in developing the whole person, I often encourage people to write down personal goals.

I remember sitting with this lady battling cancer and talking through her story. She knew her time was limited and was wrestling with setting a one thing goal. I would listen to her speak and she lit up when talking about her grandkids. I asked her how she was spending her time in that season. She didn't have a concrete answer. I challenged her about be very intentional in investing in their lives as individuals. It was a passing comment in my mind. I had no idea that she took that to heart and then wrote it on her one thing card.

I had no clue that her son and family would find it after she had passed away and mention the difference that her one thing card made in her final season of life. I wish I would have been at her service to hear her legacy she left behind.

Upon hearing this story I was humbled beyond belief. I tell many people that the most important things in life are not related to work but that they live under your own roof. This lady understood that and passed that gift onto h

er family, everyone who was at her funeral, and now me and you.

I don't know what your one thing is the next month. I don't know if you even identify with this story. The challenge to me is to live this season as if I won't regret how I live this season. how do you do that? I have one question that should help drive clarity. What is one thing that you need to put a target on this next month? My one thing is most always personal and not professional and yours can be too.

Go and be great.

To download a printable "One Thing Card" download it here. Just fold in the middle and you will have a two sided tent card.

One Thing Card
Download PDF • 134KB

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