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Some of the best money I've ever Spent

Drifting, complacency, status quo, average, and many other lack of action words are how I would sum up my natural instinct and probably yours. We don't get better, smarter, or improve without being intentional about it. It requires hard work and discipline over a long period of time.

I have found a simple investment that pays huge dividends.

An Audible Account.

I started with the investment of a payment of $14.95 a month. Which totals a little less than $180 a year. This allowed me to read (Listen) to 1 major book a month for an entire year. Just think about it. What if you could grow your knowledge and wisdom in your down time? After a year i have upgraded to the Platinum Membership which includes 2 audiobooks a month for $22.95 a month. For $275 I am able to get the best of the past and best of the present.

Do I have to do this? No, and you don't have to do it either. I just found that if you want to become an expert in your field, consuming content that is applicable is one of the best ways to do it. You can do this for any career, Sales, Investing, Realestate, Medical, Leisure, Parenting, and so much more. Why wouldn't you do this?

The biggest pushback I get is time. I don't have time to read or listen to a book. I thought the same thing. Since then i have found so much time that i just waste when I could be growing.

I listen to Audible most everyday for about an hour. here are ways that i have found time: In the car, exercising, doing house projects, showering, and cooking. What kind of time could work for you that seems right now to be impossible?

It has only been about 3 years since I've been consuming content. What if I would have been consuming that for a decade? Or two? or Three?

Start today getting better.

Let me know if you need some direction on where to start.

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