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Start, Stop, Continue

Often we get in the mode of executing tasks without evaluating effectiveness. We put our heads down and churn out hours and days of work without looking at what we are really doing. We need to build this habit into our regular routines or else we run the risk of doing things that don't help us achieve our mission. I encourage everyone to take this simple guide and apply it to what you do. The great part about it is you can use it in so many areas of life (Parenting, Marriage, Work, Teams, Health, Habits, and more.)

Start- What should you start doing that you are currently not doing?

Stop- What are you currently doing that adds no value to effectiveness? Our To-Don’t lists should be longer than our todo lists.

Continue- What are you doing that has traction and is worthwhile?

*Business Leaders- This is a great conversation to have with your team. I have developed a socially distant team build experience around this concept and can provide facilitation. I think you would be impressed at what a team can come up with within such a short time. Email me

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