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Three books you should check out

The past few years I have been an avid reader. Well, an avid reader and listener to audible. Thanks, Amazon. Here are the top three books I have read in the first quarter of 2020 and why I recommend them.

1. Radical Candor- by Kim Scott

Radical Candor is a great look into how we have conversations with others and how others have conversations with ourselves. It shows that the best conversations are based on ones that challenge directly and care personally. This book has helped me realized when I need to speak more directly at people while at the same time making sure they know I care for them. The results have been great. By the way, this principle works in all areas of life not just at work.

2. Ideal Team Player- Patrick Lencioni

I have read this before but wanted to freshen up on it for a few reasons. One of which is because we are leading a team through its contents, the other of which is because staffing and teamwork take up much of my thought space when it's not going well. I think I most appreciate this book because it gives simple language to why or why not a team member is a good fit in an organization. We all want our teams to function at high levels and I believe Patrick nails it with three simple words: hungry, humble, and smart. If you are not a reader, Patrick's style puts real-life lessons into a fable that is easily consumable.

3. Start- Jon Acuff

I had heard of this book for years but didn't know what I would get out of it. I am so glad I read it. This book is a great dose of reality that we all have goals, dreams, and ambitions that we aren't chasing. This book gives great thought at how to start chasing those dreams and quit making excuses. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to do something great.

What are you currently reading to get better at work and life? Post below in the comments. I would love to get new content.

I am currently reading The Effective Executive, The Proximity Principle, and Leadership Strategy and Tactics.

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