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What career should I pursue?

Where can I best align my work with my interests?

This question people wrestle with for decades of their lives. You hear things like:

"I have a degree in blank, but I don't like it."

"I spent 30 years doing something I hated every day."

"How can I pursue what I'm interested in and make a living?"

I thought about this and would love to share with you my results and how I think this can help you or someone you know in this hard time.

Here are my results from the Birkman Assessment I took. This wheel shows where I have shown interest in areas of fields of work.

Taking my top three scores, I can show you where I would be most happily employed because this aligns with my interests.

I would be best suited for something to do with Management Hands-on Work, which deals with Analyzing, problem-solving and people. Of course, this is just a quick snapshot but if you know me you know how accurate it is. This is why I love helping people solve problems to become better leaders

What would your's say?

If you would like a Birkman Custom Report to see where you can best align your career with your interests please let me know. I would love to help you solve this.

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