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What we get wrong about Goal Setting

It is almost the end of a year and some of us are evaluating how well we did with our goals. I often hear people that achieve their goals but aren't fulfilled. Why does this happen? How can a person achieve their goals and not be satisfied?

I believe it is because not all the pieces are aligned in goal setting and therefore we miss the real target.

Here is a quick visual of how most people think.

Most people look down the sights at their target and see that their goals are aligned. They chase hard after these goals and end up feeling not as satisfied as they thought they would be having achieved what they set out for. I'm here to say that they are missing the target and here is how.

While they are looking at the target and seeing their goals they are forgetting one major factor of hitting a target. In order to shoot straight we have to have a third reference point. That is why on a gun barrel there are two sets of sights; close and far. We usually don't factor in values when setting goals. If we achieve goals that aren't aligned with our values we miss the mark. However, if we align our values and goals we can achieve results that are meaningful in our life.

What are your values? What are your future goals? Are they aligned?

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