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How working out only once a year moved the needle for me.

Saying "I worked out one-time last year and didn't see progress" is kinda like saying "We had one week of leadership development and didn't see progress."

You can pat yourself on the back, but it didn't move the needle.

I have heard too many people talk about "leadership programs" they have been through that fed them for a few days but not for the other 360 days of the year. They were left to wait another year for the next firehose experience.

Leaders, if you want to develop true leaders, invest in their growth with a consistent drip.

The goal of development isn't just information transfer. The goal should be transformation and application. This is done over time, not just an event or offsite.

If you need help developing a long track of leadership development please reach out to me. It is something that has given life to individuals and teams and revitalized business.

Whether you are a leader of a team or a leader wanting to grow, I know I can help you out. Let us talk for 20 minutes and get a game plan. No cost. No Joke. Call me.


Justin Smith

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